Ages 3 Months to 48 Months


The better way to learn to swim

Bee’s Little Swimmers creates a safe and friendly environment for your baby and toddler to learn basic water and safety skills.

Our Mission

To create an enjoyable, learning and save environment for children and parents.
To set goals to reach learning points as quick as possible.

Our Vision

To reach safety and comfort in water in an enjoyable way.

Our Focus is on Water Safety only. We here at Bee’s Little Swimmers take water safety in Toddlers very serious.

We only have one-on-one lessons so that we can make sure we focus on your child’s needs and personality. This way we will be able to reach our Goal (Water Safety) as soon as possible.

We have Tadpole Classes:  Now you as a parent can participate with your child in the water. These sessions are to help with the transition period to swim with the teacher alone.  Sessions will develop comfort in the water, teach water entry, bubble blowing, floating, kicking, underwater exploration and general water safety while parents learn how to give their child a positive experience in the water.

We Teach the Basic Water and Safety Skills such as :

  • First experience in water: Trust and comfort in the water. The child is comfortable in the water and listens to instructions.
  • Entering the water: To teach the child a safe way to enter the pool.
  • Leaving the water: To teach the child the safe way to exit the pool.
  • Moving through water: To be able to move the child through the water comfortably. Child feels safe and comfortable during movement.
  • Getting face wet: Child should be able to splash water without caring that their face is getting wet.
  • Submerging: Child should be able to submerge under water without crying and should be comfortable with it.
  • Opening eyes under water.
  • Stand comfortable on step of pool and to move around in pool.
  • Passive breathing activities: Blowing bubbles etc. to prevent water entering lungs.
  • Buoyancy: To teach the child to float on the water.

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  • 20 Florence Street
    Colbyn, Pretoria
  • 083 355 0279 or  079 492 1625
  • Monday – Friday: 9am – 5pm

Talk To Me

You are welcome to fill in the following enquiry form if you have any questions or simply print & complete the registration form  and the contract.




    Hi, my name is Beneé Nel

    I studied Sport Science from 2013-2016. In 2015 I also did my Learn-to-Swim course at NTS (Swimming South Africa . I Started teaching Learn-to-Swim to small children at the end of 2015 while I was still studying. When I finished my sport Science Degree in 2016, I decided to do a Diploma in Sport Massage and received my Diploma in 2017. After working at the High Performance Centre at Tuks for a year, I realised there was something lacking. I realised my heart was more with little children so I decided to start my own business, Bee’s Little Swimmers.

    My passion is to focus on toddlers and teach them safety in water. I truly want to help to equip the next generation.

    Hi, my name is Coreen Oosthuizen

    I studied a Bachelor in Education, beginning in 2011 and I graduated in 2015. I have coached a variety of sports since 2010 till present. Some of the sports I have coached and am passionate about are hockey, team swimming, learn to swim, athletics, netball and a wide range of different ball skills. Recently, I worked at St Paulus Primary School as a Physical Educator, as well as a Sport- Coordinator.

    I have a passion and love for children. I believe that swimming is a life skill that everybody deserves to have and I find great pleasure in giving young children the opportunity to learn this skill.  I want to help build the future generation and to see children progress in life.

    “Knowledge is a treasure but practice is the key”